Flash Animations

Dareva's Last Will: Original Character Tournament Series
A personal project series meant to improve my skills in Flash and 2D animation, as well as combining with voice acting, storytelling, and layout into a series. This story is only a segment of a much larger story which involves other people who are working in a competition to reach first place in the tournament.

Pre-DLW Synopsis
Drew and his character creation LyDia enter themselves in an Original Character Tournament (OCT) located on a floating island once protected by a being known as Dareva, before monsters and demons wiped out the population. With no one left to protect, she and a mysterious gentleman organize a fighting tournament where the prize is a wish granted by Dareva herself, before she will disappear.

DLW 1: Training and Travelling

The start of a Flash-animated series where a boy named Drew "trains" his fictional character LyDia to fight in a tournament they were invited to, where the winning prize is a wish.

DLW 2: Don't Underestimate

Drew and LyDia explore the floating rock that they were transported to where the tournament is being held, and they encounter their first opponent.
*This animation received Daily 5th Place on Newgrounds.

DLW 3: Something's Amiss

Upon travel in the city, Drew and LyDia meet up with their second opponent and her friend. While the fight goes on, Drew discovers something about the tournament that could potentially threaten all participants.
*This animation also received Daily 5th Place on Newgrounds.

DLW 4: Obstacles

Two successful rounds later, Drew and LyDia already find themselves close to the finals. At the same time, other things have been stirring around. Participants have been killed and monsters have appeared throughout the city. An unknown and "unregistered" contestant makes its way to the wish everyone is after. The meeting place for everyone - and everything - is the tower at the center of the city and the island.

*DLW5 in progress.
A Christmas short made in December 2012 featuring the characters from the 'Dareva's Last Will' series (seen below) in a cute one-minute artistic slideshow story.

Drew and LyDia from Dareva's Last Will (DLW) celebrate Christmas in this cute short!

Uploaded in December 2012, this one-minute animation received a Daily Feature (Daily 1st) on December 25th and a Front Page Feature on January 1st on Newgrounds.com.