Flash Animations

Dareva's Last Will: Original Character Tournament Series
A personal project series meant to improve my skills in Flash and 2D animation, as well as combining with voice acting, storytelling, and layout into a series. This story is only a segment of a much larger story which involves other people who are working in a competition to reach first place in the tournament.

Pre-DLW Synopsis
Drew and his character creation LyDia enter themselves in an Original Character Tournament (OCT) located on a floating island once protected by a being known as Dareva, before monsters and demons wiped out the population. With no one left to protect, she and a mysterious gentleman organize a fighting tournament where the prize is a wish granted by Dareva herself, before she will disappear.

*DLW5 in progress.


A Christmas short made in December 2012 featuring the characters from the 'Dareva's Last Will' series (seen below) in a cute one-minute artistic slideshow story.

Drew and LyDia from Dareva's Last Will (DLW) celebrate Christmas in this cute short!

Uploaded in December 2012, this one-minute animation received a Daily Feature (Daily 1st) on December 25th and a Front Page Feature on January 1st on Newgrounds.com.