About Me

I'm a Canadian CG Animator and Visual Effects Artist with residence in British Columbia. I have received training in 3D and Visual Effects at Lost Boys Studios: School of Visual Effects using Autodesk Maya and The Foundry's Nuke, as well as Mental Ray, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Photoshop. With this experience I have worked as a Compositor in live action and full CG-animated cartoon TV shows. Recently I have also been trained in 3D Character Animation at Vancouver Animation School using Maya. I have also had prior background animation experience in Adobe Flash.

I am proficient with 3D and 2D animation, lighting, and compositing with some general experience across the rest of the pipeline. I have recent experience with compositing and render wrangling for full CG animated cartoons using Autodesk Softimage, and over 5 years of personal experience with Adobe Flash.

I like to be efficient when I'm working on projects and I work well with a team as well as by myself. In my free time I like to draw my characters and write my own stories.
I'm passionate about bringing stories to life and I like to teach myself new things as well as learn from others to improve my skills as an artist. It is in my best wishes to work in a place that puts my skills and passions to good use.