About Me

I'm a Canadian CG and Visual Effects Artist with residence in Burnaby, British Columbia. I have a background in Adobe Flash and I have received training in 3D and Visual Effects at Lost Boys Studios: School of Visual Effects using Autodesk Maya and The Foundry's Nuke, as well as Mental Ray, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Photoshop.

I am proficient with 3D and 2D animation, lighting, and compositing including but not limited to CG element and matte painting integration into live action plates, BG prep, colour correction, rotoscoping, keying, and tracking/matchmoving. I have recent experience with compositing and render wrangling for full CG animated cartoons using Autodesk Softimage, and over 5 years of personal experience with Adobe Flash.

I like to be efficient when I'm working on projects and I work well with a team as well as by myself. In my free time I like to draw my characters and animate my own stories.
My main passions are to bring stories to life using whatever means necessary, and creating something out of nothing from simple drawings to complex VFX and animation projects.
I like to teach myself new things as well as learn from others to improve my skills as an artist. It is in my best wishes to work in a place that puts my skills and passions to good use.